Colette Andersen

Bitter With a Twist

Bitter With a Twist, performed by Colette Andersen

Stand Up Comedy


Bitter With a Twist
Stand Up Comedy
24/08/2019 8:00:00 PM
Venue: The Catchment Brewing Co.
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Stand Up Comedy - Main Venue: The Catchment Brewing Co. 150 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101 View Map

Straight from the Sit Down Comedy Fringe, Brisbane and North Australia Festival of Arts, Colette Andersen is back for the Bris Funny Fest.

Drawn from the memoirs of an ADHD career, comedian, Colette Andersen does a spectacular dive into her mid-life crisis. Physical, psychological and emotional comedy at its rawest, watch as she navigates her way onto centre stage. Armed with small town hospitality and harsh realities, embrace the world as she knows it.

Bitter With a Twist is the much more light hearted version of being bitter and twisted.
Colette Andersen’s 45 minute stand up comedy routine is a satirical reflection on life that is fast paced, witty and hilarious, engaging men and women alike.
With anecdotes and analogies that come out of left field, Bitter With a Twist belies the clearly sensible senior that Colette is.
Or is she?
Strap yourself in for a ride that takes you just south of CraZy Town.

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Produced by: Colette Andersen