Mick Tree

Mick Tree Propergation

Mick Tree Propergation , performed by Mick Tree

Stand Up Comedy


Mick Tree Propergation
Stand Up Comedy
31/08/2019 5:00:00 PM
Venue: Metro Arts
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Stand Up Comedy - Main Venue: Metro Arts 109 Edward Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000 View Map

Propagation; the spreading of an idea or the breeding of a plant through various methods.

A man once said people don't posses ideas, ideas possess people.

Mick Tree has been possessed to do Comedy for the last four years Driving up and down the east cost of Australia to do 5 minute spots at a time.
On one occasion he drove 4 hours to do a set that no one laughed at.
so when Mick is not making people laugh deliberately or undeliberately he will be working at the Sunshine coast Hospital trying to figure out what went wrong for him and the patient.
Although he is not a Doctor instead a horticulturalist, he would give herbal advice for things he can't cure to a patient that can't hear. But don't worry he's not fatalistic just yet
and if all else fails he can go back to making puns and planting Trees.

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Produced by: Mick Tree