BJ Connolly, Jo Gowda, Lochy Wagner

Spicy, Buff & Autistic!

Spicy, Buff & Autistic!, performed by BJ Connolly, Jo Gowda, Lochy Wagner

Stand Up Comedy


Spicy, Buff & Autistic!
Stand Up Comedy
24/08/2019 6:00:00 PM
Venue: Metro Arts
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Stand Up Comedy - Main Venue: Metro Arts 109 Edward Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000 View Map


BJ Connolly loves to poke fun at his autism and enjoys getting away with saying lots of inappropriate things because when you’re autistic social rules are hard to understand. He viciously critiques the way millennials behave on social media. He’s also fascinated about the unconscious mind, the psychology of dreams, sex robots and Osama Bin Laden. His performance is destined to go off with blast and will make the audience members wish that they were autistic as well. Raw Comedy Queensland State Semi-Finalist 2019.

Jo Gowda is an Indian born Australian stand-up comedian. As a new mum, one day whilst experiencing the many joys of motherhood (bored AF) and watching Ellen she thought she’d give stand-up comedy a go and is therefore milking her maternity leave (pun intended). Jo performs hysterical observations about her Indian heritage, her new Australian life and side splitting scrutiny of parenting. You’ll find her humour relatable, amusing and sprinkled with dry wit. Come be amazed. Raw Comedy Queensland State Finalist - 2019

Lochlan Wagner says that "owning and running a gym sounds like a tough gig, and it is. But it sure does give you a lot of people to poke fun at and tell stories about! Lochlan shares his journey about being a Personal Trainer, meeting his now wife, opening his gym and meeting and helping some of the best and worst people along the way. His stories will fascinate you and give you an insider’s look on what it is to be young, married and a business owner - and how the age old strategy of ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’ still works in today’s world. Raw Comedy Queensland State Finalist - 2019. Best Gym In Toowoomba - 2019 (unrelated but still cool)

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Produced by: BJ Connolly, Jo Gowda, Lochy Wagner