Jake Smith, Nat Russell, Cale Donadelli

This Is A Variety Show

This Is A Variety Show, performed by Jake Smith, Nat Russell, Cale Donadelli


This Is A Variety Show
8/08/2019 7:00:00 PM
Venue: Fritzenberger - Petrie Terrace
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- Main Venue: Fritzenberger - Petrie Terrace 52 Petrie Terrace, QLD 4000 View Map

The idiots at Good Chat Comedy Club weren’t sober when they came up with this idea, and they’re definitely not going to be sober during it. This year, for one night only at Bris Funny Fest, they’re going to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Strap in for a night of stand-up comedy, a live panel show, musical acts, erotic storytelling, prize giveaways, and lord knows what else - all wrapped up in a live podcast recording. We’re pulling out all the stops in a non-stop hour of entertainment that will leave you begging for your money back. Prepare yourselves and your loved ones for a night of multi-genre mayhem, hosted by three morons who shouldn’t be trusted with even the most basic of tasks.

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Produced by: Good Chat Comedy Club